With over 7 years combined experience working both in house for companies and in an agency setting, I've learned the importance of building a brand. 

A brand’s identity is the essence of any company. It is crucial that it be reflected in all aspects of the design in order to communicate to the world who they are. I aspire to design for companies that have a purpose in the world. I want to help them market themselves in the best way possible through design and marketing.

As a creative, I define success as the moment that I can show the world who these companies are and the values they stand by. Once I achieve this greater sense of purpose, I'll know that I've done my job as a designer.

Kathy is a designer specializing in print and digital marketing.

Webpage layouts

White papers

Blog imagery

Email campaigns designs

Media decks & press kits

Social profile headers

Social posts/stories + templates

Digital Marketing


Tradeshow materials

Line sheets

3-dimensional i.e. box design

Product label design

Packaging card inserts

Print advertisements

Flyers, brochures, postcards

E-books and workbooks 30+ pgs

Stationary sets

Print & Packaging


Helping your business thrive through these areas of design

In her time with Fuze, Kathy has grown leaps and bounds as a professional creative. She is truly gifted at creating meaningful and beautiful ways to display information, through print design, packaging design, social media design, web and more. Since we have had the pleasure of working with numerous brands in the skincare/beauty industry, Kathy has discovered a passion for working with ethical beauty brands, and I am confident than you’ll see the boundless possibilities when she combines her love of beauty and design.

Laura Tubb Prestwich
Chief Operating Officer
Fuze Branding 

Adobe ProgramS

• Organized and detail oriented

• Powerpoint slide masters

• Indesign paragraph and character styles

• Type manipulation and handlettering

• Proper use of kerning, tracking, leading

• Typography pairing and selection

• Fluent in Spanish

• Creation of animated GIFs

• Photo curation and retouching

Top Personal Strengths