As Kathy’s professor in her social media marketing course I have seen specific examples of her talent and was impressed by her diligence and work ethic. In my class, Kathy worked on a social media marketing campaign for a local small business. As part of this project she worked with a team of other students and with the local business owner and managers to develop a social media marketing plan that included several integrated social media marketing platforms. Kathy and her team were also required to implement their plan, measure the results and write and present a detailed report of their activities to the class and to business management. She excelled in this endeavor which required learning new ideas, working with a team, developing online and offline marketing materials, and engaging in multiple tasks under deadline pressure. 

Scott W. Flexo
Ph.D. CSULB Dpt. of MKTG
Founder + Senior Partner
Flexo & Partners, Inc.

Kathy is driven - driven to do good work, curious to learn, and a creative problem-solver. She quietly looks for deeper meaning then sneaks up on you with something that delights and surprises.

Angela Glenn
Chief Creative Officer
The Gasp Company, LCC

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kathy Ramirez for LA Fashion Week FW17 and SS17 seasons. Throughout her internship, Kathy was diligent, hardworking, and joyfully creative. She brought an incredible level of professionalism and polish to all of the projects she completed for us. Whether she was working alone or in a team, Kathy made sure that the project's deliverables were met on time and at the highest level of quality. I highly recommend Kathy for any creative project.

Kim Krempien
Fashion Director
LA Fashion Week®

I clearly remember the moment that I first reviewed Kathy’s application and portfolio for our internship program at Fuze Branding years ago. I had a couple of hundred applicants to wade through to fill just one slot as a mentee working with our founder and creative director, but the moment I saw Kathy’s work, I knew we were going to bring her on board. 


Every single project I saw in her portfolio went above and beyond the requirements to really bring life to the concept. She didn’t just design a label mock-up. She bottled BBQ sauce with her concept label and staged a photo shoot that sold the story. You could tell that she was excited to design. 

We were lucky to keep Kathy through two cycles of our three month internship program, and after she experienced some time in the world of freelance, we hired her back in the capacity of Junior Graphic Designer. She brought the exact same excitement and passion to every project she was presented, big or small.

In her time with Fuze, Kathy has grown leaps and bounds as a professional creative. She is truly gifted at creating meaningful and beautiful ways to display information, through print design, packaging design, social media design, web and more. Since we have had the pleasure of working with numerous brands in the skincare/beauty industry, Kathy has discovered a passion for working with ethical beauty brands, and I am confident than you’ll see the boundless possibilities when she combines her love of beauty and design. 

She’s a gem. And even more rare, she’s someone who is constantly seeking to learn and grow new skills as a creative. 

If you require any additional information regarding Kathy’s performance or skill set, I am more than happy to assist you in any way possible. Please reach out to me at

Laura Tubb Prestwich
Chief Operating Officer
Fuze Branding

As a small business owner of a branding agency, ROI is crucial. In 7 years, Kathy Ramirez was one of the BEST investments I’ve ever made, hands down.

Kathy was an Associate Graphic Designer at Fuze Branding and worked directly under me for 3 years. Her core job description was to translate the finalized brand standards into packaging design, social media templates, print design, ebooks, and web design for our clients. She EXCELS in this department and really gets how to carry forward a brand story with little creative direction. 

She has mastered how to start any design process with concepts and inspiration, but is efficient enough as a designer to get down to the execution and produce the work. I’ve worked with plenty of other graphic designers who were good at one or the other, but Kathy knows how to balance both in a way that remains profitable for a business. 

I don’t give this praise often, but Kathy is also one of the most organized and detailed individuals I’ve worked with. She takes initiative, often pointing things out that are missed by others. Even her filing system is top notch!

When presented with a problem, she turns to research and presents the options. In her off time she continues to take webinars and workshops to expand her own knowledge. This woman is a human design sponge - she doesn’t stop soaking up everything she can learn even though she’s already excellent at what she does. And that what pushes her from good to OUTSTANDING.

On top of all this, she has such grace when listening and translating design feedback. She never lets her ego get in the way, and is truly a professional and one of the best in the industry.

Kimberly Cruickshanks
Founder, Creative Director
Fuze Branding